Program Goals and Strategy

The Materials Science in Extreme Environments University Research Alliance (MSEE URA) is an alliance of 17 research institutions led by Johns Hopkins University working in close collaboration with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).  The research is focused on understanding, predicting, and controlling the behavior of materials in extreme conditions caused by weapons of mass destruction.  The URA is expected to advance the types of materials that are capable of eliminating stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons while understanding and limiting the damage associated with nuclear blasts.

Program Goals

  • Advance the fundamental understanding of materials and chemistries under extreme conditions of pressure, temperature, and radiation;
  • Create state-of-the-art diagnostics tools, high-fidelity models, and advanced materials, and facilitate their transition to DTRA applied research programs;
  • Manage and foster a comprehensive and collaborative research environment; and
  • Train, mentor, and inspire the next-generation workforce.

Research Strategy

The MSEE URA program includes four major research areas which are jointly directed by URA and DTRA co-leads.  To further the goals of the program, the URA will conduct extensive collaboration and workforce development activities.  The combination of jointly led research synchronized with collaboration and workforce development activities will ensure the MSEE URA will be successful in addressing the scientific challenges and overcoming barriers identified by DTRA.