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Journal Articles

TitleMSEE URA CollaboratorsPrimary Research-Focus AreaDate Published (YY/MM/DD)Underlying data/metadata
Comparing the ignition and combustion characteristics of ball-milled Al-based composites with Ti, Zr, and Mg additivesWainwright, Elliot (DTRA), Chintersingh, Kerri-lee (JHU), and Weihs, Timothy (JHU)
Measurement of neutral gadolinium oscillator strengths using dual-comb absorption spectroscopy in laser-produced plasmas
Phillips, Mark (UA) and Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)
Spherical boron powders prepared by mechanical milling in immiscible liquidsDreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Spectro-temporal comparisons of optical emission, absorption, and laser-induced fluorescence for characterizing ns and fs laser-produced plasmasHarilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)
Time-lens photon Doppler velocimetry (TL-PDV)
Foster, Mark (JHU)CCRI21/04/02
Early- and late-time dynamics of laser-produced plasmas by combining emission and absorption spectroscopyHarilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)RA3-FA121/03/23
Low-Temperature Exothermic Reactions in Al/CuO Nanothermites Producing Copper Nanodots and Accelerating Combustion
Dreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Fast energy release from reactive materials under shock compressionDreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Tuning the reactivity and energy release rate of I 2 O 5 based ternary thermite systemsMangolini, Lorenzo and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)
Burst-mode dual-comb spectroscopy
Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)
Time-resolved absorption spectroscopic characterization of ultrafast laser-produced plasmas under varying background pressuresHarilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)RA3-FA121/01/28
Time resolved x ray diffraction in shock compressed systems Radousky, Harry (LLNL)
Quantitative absorption spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmasWeerakkody, Emily and Glumac, Nick (UIUC)RA3-FA121/01/19
Silicon Nanoparticles for the Reactivity and Energetic Density Enhancement of Energetic-Biocidal Mesoparticle CompositesMangolini, Lorenzo and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA220/12/29
Spectral dynamics and gas-phase oxidation of laser-produced plutonium plasmas
Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)
Highly reactive spheroidal milled aluminum
Dreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Vapor-phase decomposition of dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP),a sarin surrogate, in presence of metal oxidesDreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Rapid destruction of sarin surrogates by gas phase reactions with focus on diisopropyl methylphosphonate (DIMP)Dreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Flame stand-off effects on propagation of 3D printed 94 wt% nanosized pyrolants loading compositesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/04/15
High-Temperature Interactions of Metal Oxides and a PVDF BinderZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/02/08
Inducing Oxygen Vacancies to Modulate Ignition Threshold of NanothermitesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/05/13
In-Situ Thermochemical Shock-Induced Stress at the Metal/Oxide Interface Enhances Reactivity of Aluminum NanoparticlesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/06/06
Influence of titanium addition on performance of boron-based thermitesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/06/15
Vaporization-Controlled Energy Release Mechanisms Underlying the Exceptional Reactivity of Magnesium NanoparticlesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/04/07
Effect of alkali metal perchlorate and iodate type on boron ignition: The role of oxidizer phase changeZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/10/15
High-Temperature Decomposition of Diisopropyl Methylphosphonate on Alumina: Mechanistic Predictions from Ab Initio Molecular DynamicsWong, Bryan (UCR)RA2-FA221/10/04
Rerouting Pathways of Solid-State Ammonia Borane Energy ReleaseWong, Bryan (UCR) and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA221/12/29
Spatiotemporal and emission characteristics of laser-induced plasmas from aluminum-zirconium composite powdersWainwright, Elliot (ARL) and Weihs, Tim (JHU)RA2-FA221/09/01
Exothermic Formation Reactions as Local Heat SourcesWeihs, Tim (JHU)RA2-FA222/04/18
The effect of oxygen concentration on the speciation of laser ablated uranium Radousky, Harry (LLNL) and Knight, Kim (LLNL/SAB)RA4-FA222/03/07
Laser-induced fluorescence of filament-produced plasmas Philips, Mark (UA) and Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)RA3-FA121/11/23
Dual-comb absorption spectroscopy of molecular CeO in a laser-produced plasmaRhoades, Ryan (UA), Weeks, Reagan (UA), Philips, Mark (UA) and Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)RA3-FA122/05/15
Spatiotemporal evolution of emission and absorption signatures in a laser-produced plasma Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)RA3-FA122/02/09
Energetic characteristics of hydrogenated amorphous silicon nanoparticles Mangolini, Lorenzo (UCR) and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/02/15
Study of particle lifting mechanisms in an electrostatic discharge plasmaMarayikkottu, Akhil (UIUC), Levin, Deborah (UIUC), Schoenitz, Mirko (NJIT), and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA121/04/01
Influence of particle non-dilute effects on its dispersion in particle-laden blast wave systems Marayikkottu, Akhil (UIUC) and Levin, Deborah (UIUC)RA3-FA121/07/15
Kinetic modeling of fractal aggregate mobility Marayikkottu, Akhil (UIUC) and Levin, Deborah (UIUC)RA3-FA122/04/12
Effect of organic liquid process control agents on properties of ball-milled powders /a>Gandhi, Purvam Mehulkumar (NJIT), Schoenitz, Mirko (NJIT), and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA122/01/02
Titanium-boron reactive composite powders with variable morphology prepared by arrested reactive millingSchoenitz, Mirko (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA222/02/15
Optical spectroscopy and modeling of uranium gas-phase oxidation: Progress and perspectivesWeerakkody, Emily (UIUC), Finko, Mikhail (UIUC), Curreli, Davide (UIUC), Radousky, Harry (LLNL), DeMagistris (C.T.), Sinha, Raj (C.T.), Levin, Deborah (UIUC), Dreizin, Ed (NJIT), Phillips, Mark (UA), Glumac, Nick (UIUC), Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)RA3-FA121/11/01
Effect of Reactive B-Ti Powder Morphology on its Removal from a Surface and Ignition by Electro-Static Discharge Mukhopadhyay, Shomik (NJIT), Schoenitz, Mirko (NJIT), and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA122/05/19
Effect of particle morphology on reactivity, ignition and combustion of boron powdersSchoenitz, Mirko (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA222/09/15
Potential one-pot synthesis of spherical magnesium silicate powder by mechanical milling Schoenitz, Mirko (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA222/05/01
At what ambient temperature can thermal runaway of a burning metal particle occur?Senyurt, Elif (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA222/02/01
Ignition Mechanisms of Reactive Nanocomposite Powders Combining Al, B, and Si as Fuels with MetalSchoenitz, Mirko (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA221/08/19
Generalized Energy-Conserving Dissipative Particle Dynamics with ReactionsLarentzos, James (ARL) and Brennan, John (ARL)RA2-FA222/03/16
Optical diagnostics of laser-produced plasmasHarilal, Sivanandan (PNNL), Phillips, Mark (UA), and Beg, Farhat (UCSD)RA4-FA222/06/20