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TitleMSEE URA CollaboratorsPrimary Research-Focus AreaDate Published (YY/MM/DD)Publication TypeUnderlying data/metadata
High-Temperature Decomposition of Diisopropyl Methylphosphonate (DIMP) on Alumina: Mechanistic Predictions from Ab Initio Molecular DynamicsBiswas, Sohag and Wong, Bryan M (UCR)RA2-FA221/10/04Journal Article
Multi-species temperature and number density analysis of a laser-produced plasma using dual-comb spectroscopyWeeks, Reagan (UA); Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL); Phillips, Mark (UA)RA3-FA122/06/13Journal Article
Evaluation and design of metal-based gas-generating energetic materialsDreizin, Edward (NJIT)RA2-FA2March 2023Journal Article
Highly ordered graphite (HOPG) to hexagonal diamond (lonsdaleite) phase transition observed on picosecond time scales using ultrafast x-ray diffractionArmstrong, Michael and Radousky, Harry (LLNL)RA4-FA222/08/07Journal Article
Investigating laser ablated plume dynamics of carbon and aluminum targetsFinko, Mikhail (LLNL); Ly, Sonny (LLNL); Curreli, Davide (UIUC); Radousky, Harry (LLNL); Knight, Kim (LLNL)RA3-FA122/08/19Presentation
Removal of diisopropyl methyl phosphonate (DIMP) from heated metal oxide surfacesSenyurt, Elif Irem, Schoenitz, Mirko, and Dreizin, Edward (NJIT) RA3-FA223/02/05Journal Article
Materials for extreme environmentsEswarappa Prameela, Suhas (JHU/MIT); Chintersingh, Kerri-Lee (NJIT)RA2-FA222/11/09Journal Article
A high throughput rapid scanning dispersive spectrometer for longwave infrared absorption spectroscopyButler, Austin and Glumac, Nick (UIUC)RA3-FA222/11/14Journal Article
Modelling bubble growth in a burning metal dropletWainwright, Elliot (ARL) and Weihs, Timothy (JHU)RA2-FA2December 2022Journal Article
Experimental breakage mechanics of confined granular media across strain rates and at high pressuresKuwik, Brett, Garcia, Maximilian, and Hurley, Ryan (JHU)RA1-FA222/12/25Journal Article
Gas-phase oxidation and nanoparticle formation in multi-element laser ablation plumesKautz, Elizabeth (UA); Phillips, Mark (UA); Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)RA3-FA122/10/20Journal Article
HP-TACO: A high-pressure triaxial compression apparatus for in situ x-ray measurements in geomaterialsShahin, Ghassan and Hurley, Ryan (JHU)RA1-FA222/11/10Journal Article
Micromechanics and Strain Localization in Sand in the Ductile RegimeShahin, Ghassan and Hurley, Ryan (JHU)RA1-FA222/11/11Journal Article
Compressed sensing in photonics: tutorialKilic, Velat and Foster, Mark (JHU)CCRI22/12/08Journal Article
Effect of particle morphology on characteristics of pressed aluminum-boron reactive powdersDreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA222/11/18Journal Article
First-principles study of L-shell iron and chromium opacity at stellar interior temperaturesMiloshevsky, Gena (VCU)RA1-FA122/12/19Presentation
Catalytic Cleavage of the Dative Bond of Ammonia Borane by Polymeric Carbonyl Groups for Enhanced Energy GenerationZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA223/01/31Journal Article
Experimental demonstration of time lens photon Doppler velocimetry (TL-PDV)Ramesh, KT and Foster, Mark (JHU)RA1-FA2/CCRI23/03/14Conference Paper
Removal of powders from cavities in contaminated surfaces by shock and plasma generated by an adjacent electro-static dischargeDreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA223/04/15Journal Article
In Situ Microscopic Studies on the Interaction of Multi-Principal Element Nanoparticles and BacteriaZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA223/03/15Journal Article
In‐Flight Synthesis of Core–Shell Mg/Si–SiOx Particles with Greatly Reduced Ignition TemperatureZachariah, Michael and Mangolini, Lorenzo (UCR)RA2-FA223/02/28Journal Article
Community action on FAIR data will fuel a revolution in materials researchElbert, David (JHU)CCRI23/03/29Journal Article
Comparison of excitation and kinetic temperatures in a laser-produced plasma using absorption spectroscopyPhillips, Mark (UA) and Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)RA3-FA123/03/30Journal Article
Degradation of Perfluorooctanoic Acid on Aluminum Oxide Surfaces: New Mechanisms from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics SimulationsBiswas, Sohag and Wong, Bryan M (UCR)RA2-FA223/04/05Journal Article
Comparing the ignition and combustion characteristics of ball-milled Al-based composites with Ti, Zr, and Mg additivesWainwright, Elliot (DTRA), Chintersingh, Kerri-lee (JHU), and Weihs, Timothy (JHU)
Journal Article
Measurement of neutral gadolinium oscillator strengths using dual-comb absorption spectroscopy in laser-produced plasmas
Phillips, Mark (UA) and Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)
Journal Article
Spherical boron powders prepared by mechanical milling in immiscible liquidsDreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Journal Article
Spectro-temporal comparisons of optical emission, absorption, and laser-induced fluorescence for characterizing ns and fs laser-produced plasmasHarilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)
Journal Article
Time-lens photon Doppler velocimetry (TL-PDV)
Foster, Mark (JHU)CCRI21/04/02
Journal Article
Early- and late-time dynamics of laser-produced plasmas by combining emission and absorption spectroscopyHarilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)RA3-FA121/03/23
Journal Article
Low-Temperature Exothermic Reactions in Al/CuO Nanothermites Producing Copper Nanodots and Accelerating Combustion
Dreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Journal Article
Fast energy release from reactive materials under shock compressionDreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Journal Article
Tuning the reactivity and energy release rate of I 2 O 5 based ternary thermite systemsMangolini, Lorenzo and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)
Journal Article
Burst-mode dual-comb spectroscopy
Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)
Journal Article
Time-resolved absorption spectroscopic characterization of ultrafast laser-produced plasmas under varying background pressuresHarilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)RA3-FA121/01/28
Journal Article
Time resolved x ray diffraction in shock compressed systems Radousky, Harry (LLNL)
Journal Article
Quantitative absorption spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmasWeerakkody, Emily and Glumac, Nick (UIUC)RA3-FA121/01/19
Journal Article
Silicon Nanoparticles for the Reactivity and Energetic Density Enhancement of Energetic-Biocidal Mesoparticle CompositesMangolini, Lorenzo and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA220/12/29
Journal Article
Spectral dynamics and gas-phase oxidation of laser-produced plutonium plasmas
Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)
Journal Article
Highly reactive spheroidal milled aluminum
Dreizin, Edward (NJIT)
Journal Article
Flame stand-off effects on propagation of 3D printed 94 wt% nanosized pyrolants loading compositesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/04/15Journal Articles
High-Temperature Interactions of Metal Oxides and a PVDF BinderZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/02/08Journal Article
Inducing Oxygen Vacancies to Modulate Ignition Threshold of NanothermitesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/05/13Journal Article
In-Situ Thermochemical Shock-Induced Stress at the Metal/Oxide Interface Enhances Reactivity of Aluminum NanoparticlesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/06/06Journal Article
Influence of titanium addition on performance of boron-based thermitesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/06/15Journal Article
Vaporization-Controlled Energy Release Mechanisms Underlying the Exceptional Reactivity of Magnesium NanoparticlesZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/04/07Journal Article
Effect of alkali metal perchlorate and iodate type on boron ignition: The role of oxidizer phase changeZachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/10/15Journal Article
High-Temperature Decomposition of Diisopropyl Methylphosphonate on Alumina: Mechanistic Predictions from Ab Initio Molecular DynamicsWong, Bryan (UCR)RA2-FA221/10/04Journal Article
Rerouting Pathways of Solid-State Ammonia Borane Energy ReleaseWong, Bryan (UCR) and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA221/12/29Journal Article
Spatiotemporal and emission characteristics of laser-induced plasmas from aluminum-zirconium composite powdersWainwright, Elliot (ARL) and Weihs, Tim (JHU)RA2-FA221/09/01Journal Article
Exothermic Formation Reactions as Local Heat SourcesWeihs, Tim (JHU)RA2-FA222/04/18Journal Article
The effect of oxygen concentration on the speciation of laser ablated uranium Radousky, Harry (LLNL) and Knight, Kim (LLNL/SAB)RA4-FA222/03/07Journal Article
Laser-induced fluorescence of filament-produced plasmas Philips, Mark (UA) and Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)RA3-FA121/11/23Journal Article
Dual-comb absorption spectroscopy of molecular CeO in a laser-produced plasmaRhoades, Ryan (UA), Weeks, Reagan (UA), Philips, Mark (UA) and Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)RA3-FA122/05/15Journal Article
Spatiotemporal evolution of emission and absorption signatures in a laser-produced plasma Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL) and Phillips, Mark (UA)RA3-FA122/02/09Journal Article
Energetic characteristics of hydrogenated amorphous silicon nanoparticles Mangolini, Lorenzo (UCR) and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/02/15Journal Article
Study of particle lifting mechanisms in an electrostatic discharge plasmaMarayikkottu, Akhil (UIUC), Levin, Deborah (UIUC), Schoenitz, Mirko (NJIT), and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA121/04/01Journal Article
Influence of particle non-dilute effects on its dispersion in particle-laden blast wave systems Marayikkottu, Akhil (UIUC) and Levin, Deborah (UIUC)RA3-FA121/07/15Journal Article
Kinetic modeling of fractal aggregate mobility Marayikkottu, Akhil (UIUC) and Levin, Deborah (UIUC)RA3-FA122/04/12Journal Article
Effect of organic liquid process control agents on properties of ball-milled powders /a>Gandhi, Purvam Mehulkumar (NJIT), Schoenitz, Mirko (NJIT), and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA122/01/02Journal Article
Titanium-boron reactive composite powders with variable morphology prepared by arrested reactive millingSchoenitz, Mirko (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA222/02/15Journal Article
Optical spectroscopy and modeling of uranium gas-phase oxidation: Progress and perspectivesWeerakkody, Emily (UIUC), Finko, Mikhail (UIUC), Curreli, Davide (UIUC), Radousky, Harry (LLNL), DeMagistris (C.T.), Sinha, Raj (C.T.), Levin, Deborah (UIUC), Dreizin, Ed (NJIT), Phillips, Mark (UA), Glumac, Nick (UIUC), Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL)RA3-FA121/11/01Journal Article
Effect of Reactive B-Ti Powder Morphology on its Removal from a Surface and Ignition by Electro-Static Discharge Mukhopadhyay, Shomik (NJIT), Schoenitz, Mirko (NJIT), and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA122/05/19Journal Article
Effect of particle morphology on reactivity, ignition and combustion of boron powdersSchoenitz, Mirko (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA222/09/15Journal Article
Potential one-pot synthesis of spherical magnesium silicate powder by mechanical milling Schoenitz, Mirko (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA222/05/01Journal Article
At what ambient temperature can thermal runaway of a burning metal particle occur?Senyurt, Elif (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA222/02/01Journal Article
Ignition Mechanisms of Reactive Nanocomposite Powders Combining Al, B, and Si as Fuels with Metal Fluorides as OxidizersSchoenitz, Mirko (NJIT) and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA221/08/19Journal Article
Generalized Energy-Conserving Dissipative Particle Dynamics with ReactionsLarentzos, James (ARL) and Brennan, John (ARL)RA2-FA222/03/16Journal Article
Optical diagnostics of laser-produced plasmasHarilal, Sivanandan (PNNL), Phillips, Mark (UA), and Beg, Farhat (UCSD)RA4-FA222/06/20Journal Article
A comparison of hydrodynamic code simulations with experimental data for short pulse laser driven shocks in aluminumSophie Parsons (UCSD), Michael Armstrong (LLNL), Ross Turner (UCSD), Harry Radousky (LLNL), Javier Garay (UCSD), Farhat Beg (UCSD)RA4-FA2June 2023Presentation
A First-Principles Study of L-Shell Iron and Chromium Opacity at Stellar Interior ConditionsKarasiev, Valentin (Rochester)RA4-FA222/10/18Journal Article
Accelerating shock-driven reactions in metal nanocompositesSiva Kumar Valluri, Ed Dreizin (NJIT)RA3-FA2June 2023Presentation
Atomic scale insights into the first reaction stages prior to Al/CuO nanothermite ignition: influence of porosity.Schoenitz, Mirko and Dreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA223/06/14Journal Article
Automated Iterative Forward Analysis for Pressure Determination in Dynamic Compression ExperimentsKrill, Connor (JHU), Gaffney, Jim (LLNL), and Wicks, June (JHU)RA1-FA1November 2021Conference Paper
Broadband H2O and Temperature Measurements in Dynamic H2/O2 Flames using a Swept-Wavelength ECQCLPhillips, Mark (UA); Butler, Austin (UIUC); Glumac, Nick (UIUC); DeMagistris, Michael (C.T.); Ruesch, Morgan (C.T.); Zambon, Andrea (C.T.); Sinha, Raj (C.T.);RA3-FA2July 2022Conference Paper
Community action on FAIR data will fuel a revolution in materials researchElbert, David (JHU)CCRI23/03/29Journal Article
Comparing the kinetics of ionized and neutral atoms from single and multi-element laser-produced plasmasM.C. Phillips (U of AZ), S.S. Harilal (PNNL)RA3-FA123/05/22Journal Article
Comparison of Equations of State for Warm and Hot Dense Matter from REODP and PIMC ModelingMiloshevsky, Gena (VCU)RA1-FA121/11/09Journal Article
Constraining chemical kinetics of uranium oxides in extreme environmentsFinko, Mikhail (LLNL)RA3-FA122/01/24Dissertation
Direct Laser Ablation Of Silicon as A Function Of Pulse Length at 10 15 W/Cm 2 IntensitiesHahn, Eric (UCSD); Bailly-Grandvaux, Mathieu (UCSD); Cordova, Tanner (UCSD); Joshi, Tirtha (Rochester); Turner, Ross (LLNL); Garay, Javier (UCSD) Spielman, Rick (Rochester); Beg, Farhat (UCSD)RA4-FA2May 2022Presentation
Dual-comb spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmasReagan R. D. WeeksRA3-FA123/04/12Dissertation
Energy dissipation due to breakage during confined compaction of granular materialsKuwik, Brett and Hurley, Ryan (JHU)RA1-FA221/06/07Conference Paper
Energy release mechanisms of solid-state hydride containing hybrid propellant systemsBiswas, Prithwish and Zachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA222/07/14Presentation
Engineering Particle Agglomerate and Flame Propagation in 3D‐printed Al/CuO Nanocomposites Zachariah, Michael (UCR)RA2-FA223/01/27Journal Article
Experimental and Theoretical Comparison of Ion Properties from Nanosecond Laser-Produced Plasmas of Metal TargetsPolek, Matt and Beg, Farhat (UCSD), and S. S. Harilal (PNNLRA4-FA223/05/22Journal Article
Exploring the Use of Aluminized Composites as Additives in Traditional ExplosivesDreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA2-FA2 / RA3-FA222/07/14Presentation
FAIR Data Will Fuel a Revolution in Materials ResearchElbert, David (JHU)CCRI22/04/06Journal Article
Feedstock Powders for Reactive Structural MaterialsHastings, Daniel (NJIT)RA2-FA221/08/31Dissertation
From 2D to 3D: Resolving Flow Fields Around Sand Penetrators From Flash X-ray ImagingKuwik, Brett; Hurley, Ryan (JHU)RA1-FA2July 2022Presentation
Gas-induced forces generated on dense particle distributions in rarefied gas regimesMarayikkottu Vijayan, Akhil and Levin, Deborah (UIUC)RA3-FA121/12/29Presentation
Hydrocode validation for short pulse laser driven shocks in aluminumParsons, Sophie (UCSD/LLNL); Armstrong, Michael (LLNL); Turner, Ross (UCSD/LLNL); Radousky, Harry (LLNL); Garay, Javier (UCSD); Beg, Farhat (UCSD)RA4-FA222/07/14Presentation
Imaging the combustion characteristics of Al, B, and Ti compositesY Wang, E Hagen, P Biswas, H Wang, MR Zachariah (UCR)RA2-FA2June 2023Journal Article
In-Situ Measurements of Stress Fluctuations and Kinematics in Triaxial TestsHurley, Ryan and Shahin, Ghassan (JHU)RA1-FA223/03/10Presentation
Investigation of pulse length's effect on direct laser ablation and shock generation at Intensity of 10 15 Wcm-2Cordova, Tanner (UCSD); Bailly-Grandvaux, Mathieu (UCSD); Turner, Ross (LLNL); Joshi, Tirtha (Rochester); Spielman, Rick (Rochester); Regan, Sean (Rochester); Harilal, Sivanandan (PNNL); Miloshevsky, Gena (VCU)RA3-FA1November 2021Presentation
Laser driven shocks in aluminum using a short pulse table-top systemParsons, Sophie (UCSD/LLNL), Armstrong, Michael (LLNL), Turner, Ross (UCSD/LLNL); Cordova, Tanner (UCSD); Radousky, Harry (LLNL); Garay, Javier (UCSD); and Beg, Farhat (UCSD)RA4-FA2November 2021Presentation
Magnesium-Enhanced Reactivity of Boron Particles: Role of Mg/B2O3 Exothermic Surface ReactionsP Biswas and M.R Zachariah (UCR)RA2-FA223/01/30Journal Article
Modeling Microsecond Timescale Molecular Formation in Laser Ablated Plasma PlumesFinko, Mikhail (LLNL), Curreli, Davide (UIUC); Radousky, Harry (LLNL); Knight, Kim (LLNL/SAB)RA3-FA1November 2021Presentation
Multiphase Equation of State for Solid, Liquid, and Plasma CarbonMiloshevsky, Gena (VCU)RA1-FA1March 2022Presentation
Numerical Study of Particle Non-Dilute effects in Shock Dominated Two-Phase FlowMarayikkottu Vijayan, Akhil and Levin, Deborah A (UIUC)RA3-FA122/06/20Conference Paper
Observation of Laser Ablation in Al Using Ultrafast X-Ray DiffractionHarry Radousky and Michael Armstrong (LLNL), Sophie Parsons and Farhat Beg (UCSD)RA4-FA2June 2023Presentation
Particle-in-Cell Modeling of Omega Experiments on Ablation of PlasmasMiloshevsky, Gena (VCU)RA1-FA1/RA4-FA123/04/04Journal Article
Particle-In-Cell simulation of silicon laser ablation and formation of over-dense plasmaMiloshevsky, Gena (VCU)RA4-FA122/10/21Presentation
Porosity: The Key to Initiating Metallic Composite Particles under Shock CompressionDreizin, Ed (NJIT)RA3-FA222/07/11Presentation
Quantitative Characterization of Metallic Composite Particle Combustion using X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging and Machine LearningKilic, Velat (JHU); Wang, Yunzhe (JHU); Chintersingh, Kerri-Lee (NJIT); Foster, Mark (JHU); Barnes, Brian (ARL); Mueller, Tim (JHU)RA2-FA2, CCRIMarch 2022Presentation
Rapid scanning longwave infrared absorption spectroscopy of chemical nerve agent simulant destruction in fireballsButler, Austin (UIUC)RA3-FA22022Dissertation
Spectral characterization of actinide signatures for nuclear remote sensing applicationsWeerakkody, Emily (UIUC)RA3-FA121/07/14Dissertation
Study of shock interaction with a particle curtain using the Multiphase Particle in Cell (MP-PIC) approachMarayikkottu Vijayan, Akhil and Levin, Deborah (UIUC)RA3-FA123/01/19Conference Paper
Synthesis and Application of Titanium Aminotetrazole in Energetic Material FormulationsCrawford, Samuel Patrick (SDM)RA2-FA221/11/17Thesis
Time-lens Photon Doppler Velocimetry (TL-PDV) for High Velocity Dynamic Range ExperimentsVelat Kilic, KT Ramesh, Mark Foster (JHU)RA1-FA2, CCRIJune 2023Presentation
Ultrafast laser matter interactions: modelling approaches, challenges, and prospects.Miloshevsky, Gena. (VCU)RA4-FA122/09/22Journal Article
UO Chemical Kintetics and Spectroscopic ModelingDeMagistris, Michael; Ruesch, Morgan; Zambon, Andrea; and Sinha, Raj (C.T.);RA3-FA2May 2022Presentation
Multi-Wavelength Dual-Comb Spectroscopy of Laser-Produced Plasmas in the Near-IRS.S. Harilal (PNNL), M.C. Phillips (U of Az)RA3-FA122/05/15Conference Paper