Research Area 3 – Focus Area 2: High Temperature Properties and Chemistry of Agents and Simulants

Goal: Identify, understand, and control relevant decomposition reactions and kinetics of chemical warfare agents and their simulants as they are subjected to counter-WMD conditions.

Long-term Strategy: Complementary experimental and computational investigations of the fundamental chemical reactions and kinetics of (a) agents/simulants, (b) agents/simulants in combination with various RMs/EMs, and (c) agents/simulants with various RMs/EMs in a turbulent/dusty environment.


Focus Area 2: Coordinator and PIs

Kandis Leslie Abdul-Aziz

Principal Investigator, RA3–FA2

Edward Dreizin

Principal Investigator for RA2–FA2, RA3–FA1, and RA3–FA2

Hergen Eilers

Research Area 3: Focus Area 2 Coordinator

Nick Glumac

Research Area 3 Lead, Principal Investigator for RA3–FA1 and RA3–FA2

Gennady Gor

Principal Investigator, RA3–FA2

Suresh Menon

Principal Investigator, RA3–FA2

Mark Phillips

Principal Investigator, RA3–FA1 and RA3–FA2

Raj Sinha

Principal Investigator, RA3–FA1 and RA3–FA2

Timothy Weihs

Program Director