Focus Area 2: High Temperature Properties and Chemistry of Agents and Simulants

Goal: Identify, understand, and control relevant decomposition reactions and kinetics of chemical warfare agents and their simulants as they are subjected to counter-WMD conditions.

Long-term Strategy: Complementary experimental and computational investigations of the fundamental chemical reactions and kinetics of (a) agents/simulants, (b) agents/simulants in combination with various RMs/EMs, and (c) agents/simulants with various RMs/EMs in a turbulent/dusty environment.


Focus Area 2: Coordinator and PIs

Edward Dreizin

Principal Investigator

Hergen Eilers

Research Area 3: Focus Area 2 Coordinator

Nick Glumac

Research Area 3 Lead

Suresh Menon

Research Area 2: Focus Area 3 Coordinator

Mark Phillips

Principal Investigator

Raj Sinha

Principal Investigator

Timothy Weihs

Program Director