headshot of Emily Weerakkody

Emily Weerakkody

How does the MSEE URA and its collaborative nature benefit you?

Being in the MSEE URA has provided me the opportunity to interact with experts in the energetic materials field across the country. It has led to collaborative efforts where different research groups have applied their perspectives to investigating physical phenomena, and I’m fortunate to have been able to participate in some of these. Regular meetings with collaborators in our focus areas allow for sharing snapshots of our research in progress and a forum for more experienced researchers to provide their input and recommendations for future work. Personally, I’ve enjoyed learning more directly from various researchers whose work I’d previously read in reference to phenomena I had seen in my own research.

How will the MSEE URA will be improved through your involvement?

I have been able to apply spectroscopic techniques to the study of actinides and other species of interest to nuclear fireball chemistry as a part of Professor Nick Glumac’s group at UIUC. I’m lucky enough to have collaborated with researchers from various institutions within the URA during my time here.

I hope to contribute further to experimental efforts to study nuclear fireball phenomena however I can as a postdoc at LLNL this coming fall. This URA boasts an extraordinary combination of experience and expertise, and I would like to continue to support its efforts.

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