2016 HEMI/MICA Artist in Residence, Jay Gould, Interviewed for LENSCRATCH Magazine

Mar 29, 2017 | No Comments | By Michelle Pagano

MICA Photography professor and HEMI’s 2016 Artist in Residence, Jay Gould, is featured this month by LENSCRATCH Fine Art Photography Daily. Over the course of a semester, Gould documented and explored the extreme phenomena studied within HEMI’s labs. His work unpacks fundamental-level science to yield a production understandable to the untrained eye.

In his interview, Gould speaks about his residency and the creations that emerged from observing the range of subjects studied within the HEMI labs.

When working with researchers I look at the mechanisms of investigation and insight, eventually building work that shares the experience and stories through the personalities and humanity of the researchers themselves.


He refers to the distinct “personality” that seems to define the character of each lab, from studies of the brain’s response to impact mechanics for concussion prevention, to labs crushing magnesium at 7-million frames a second in order to learn how to build more resistant structures at the atomic level.

Read the full interview at LENSCRATCH.

Interested in seeing more of Gould’s work? He will hold a large-scale art exhibit in early April at the Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Johns Hopkins University‘s Q Gallery. The exhibit will include photographs and other works produced during his time as HEMI’s first Artist in Residence, a part of the HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Program. See event details here.


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