CAIMEE researchers convene for MEDE+AIMD Review/AMDEE Kickoff

May 26, 2023 | No Comments | By Sarah Preis

The global community is only beginning to delve into the potential applications for AI, while researchers at the Center on Artificial Intelligence for Materials in Extreme Environments (CAIMEE) are already forging pathways to integrate AI into materials design, testing, and fabrication. 

CAIMEE is leading the effort in these cutting-edge AI applications with three programs: Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments Plus (MEDE+), AI for Materials Design (AIMD), and AI-Driven Integrated and Automated Materials Design for Extreme Environments (AMDEE). These programs represent a collaborative, concerted effort to accelerate and optimize high-throughput materials design.  

On Thursday, May 18, CAIMEE’s leadership, faculty, and staff convened for a series of presentations to review MEDE+ and AIMD’s progress and give an overview of their plans for AMDEE. During this event, principal investigators presented some of their research findings, challenges, and goals to visitors and collaborators from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory (DEVCOM ARL). 

Within the MEDE+ and AIMD cooperative agreements, the research faculty and staff at CAIMEE aspire to establish a state-of-the-art laboratory that integrates AI, machine learning, and automation technologies. The AIMD Laboratory is currently being built in the Stieff Silver Building and will feature an automated closed-loop system designed to fabricate, characterize, test, and store material specimens with minimal human interaction. AMDEE will harness the AIMD Laboratory’s capabilities to develop and study alloys that are relevant to DEVCOM ARL’s interests. 

The event highlighted the collaborative nature and wide reach of CAIMEE’s programs. Each program is divided into discrete tasks, with each aspect of the research led by experts from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Delaware. 

Lori Graham-Brady, a professor in the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering, is the director of CAIMEE and associate director of the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI). Graham-Brady leads the MEDE+, AIMD, and AMDEE research efforts, overseeing collaboration between Johns Hopkins research faculty, postdocs, graduate students, staff, and ARL and University of Delaware partners.  

Principal investigators from Johns Hopkins include Jaafar El-Awady, K.T. Ramesh, Tim Weihs, Todd Hufnagel, Paulette Clancy, David Elbert, Tamer Zaki, Mark Foster, and Axel Krieger. Each team member brings their unique expertise to contribute in areas such as physics-based computational modeling, robotic automation, data management, AI-driven decision making, Bayesian optimization, high-throughput characterization and testing, and fabrication of novel alloy powders. 

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