HEMI Postdoctoral Fellow Melissa Sims Receives 2020 NSF Earth Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Sep 24, 2020 | No Comments | By Vivian Sun

Congratulations to Melissa Sims, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Wicks Lab at HEMI and in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, for being awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Earth Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

With her fellowship, titled “Windows into Ancient Impacts: Examining Meteoritics Research with New Approaches,” Sims will conduct independent research under HEMI Fellow and assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences June Wicks as well as with Minta Akins in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Sims will conduct experiments to better understand natural shock processes and explore phase transformation kinetics and deformation mechanisms in olivine and plagioclase. This is an extension of her current work in membrane-driven diamond anvil cell compression.

The NSF Earth Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellowship is awarded to those who have recently received doctoral degrees for independent research and professional development. The fellowship provides support for up to two years and recipients must address scientific questions in the Earth Sciences field.

Read more about Sims’ NSF Post-Doctoral Fellowship here.

Learn more about the NSF Earth Sciences Post-Doctoral fellowship here.

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