Mach Conference Call for Symposia

Oct 1, 2015 | No Comments | By Michelle Pagano

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If you are interested in organizing a symposium at Mach 2016, please send a proposal to [email protected] that includes a title, name(s) of symposium organizer(s), a 200 word summary and potential speakers (if available). The deadline to submit is October 15, 2015.

For more information about the Mach Conference, visit
A note from the conference organizers:

The date and place are now set for Mach 2016. This conference will be the fourth in the Mach Conference series, which showcases the state of the art of multiscale research in materials, with an emphasis on advancing the fundamental science and engineering of materials and structures in extreme environments. Attendance at the Mach Conference series has grown steadily over the past three years, with about 230 attendees at Mach 2015. The relatively small size of the conference has enabled a high-quality agenda with no more than 4 parallel sessions and ample time for discussion. Please note that in order to retain both the quality of the presentations and this close collegial environment, the total attendance at Mach 2016 will be limited to no more than 225 attendees. Symposia organizers and primary authors of abstracts submitted for presentations and/or posters will receive first priority in registration.

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