HyFIRE works with the following camera and lighting inventories

  • 2 Shimadzu HPVX2 cameras, capable of synchronous imaging up to 10 Mfps at 100 ns exposures
  • 2 Photron SA5 cameras, with variable resolution and frame rates up to 1 Mfps
  • 2 Cavitar / Silux pulsed lasers for synchronous image illumination with the Shimadzus
  • Several Photogenic and Honey Badger flash bulbs for broadband illumination


Viewing the front surface of a magnesium plate impacted with a 5 mm aluminum sphere at 2.5 km/s. Imaged at 2 Mfps with front lighting. (video credit: Yunho Kim)
Glass cube impacted by 3 mm aluminum sphere at 3 km/s and imaged at 5 Mfps with front and backlighting. (video credit: Gary Simpson and Matt Shaeffer)