Spectrograph featureSpecification
Spectrograph SystemPrinceton Instruments Iso-Plane 320
Camera SystemPrinceton Instruments PIMAX 4-1024i with Dual Image Feature
Gratings500 nm blaze at 150 g/mm, 300 g/mm and 600 g/mm
Gating Width Minimum5 ns
DIF Minimum Interframe Time500 ns
Spectral resolution0.05 nm
Spectral range of IsoPlane 3200-1400 nm
Spectral range of PIMAX4200-900 nm
Difference in flash amplitude recorded from amplified photodiode for stainless steel sphere impacts on aluminum and steel plates at 90 degrees. Photodetectors capture flash intensity from 200 to 2000nm.
Spectra from impact flash of stainless steel projectiles on steel and aluminum plates.