Use of the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI) Boardroom (Malone 137) should be limited to the following:

1. Meetings involving attendees at the Directors or Deans level
2. Meetings involving sponsors, donors, or funding agencies
3. Events associated with development, public relations and related activities approved by the Director or Executive Director.

A paramount expectation is that the Boardroom will be maintained in the condition appropriate for such high-visibility events. The quality of the facilities must not be compromised. As a consequence, food is generally not allowed in the room except with permission from the HEMI Administrator. Any user of the room is expected to leave it in pristine condition after the meeting or event.

The HEMI Boardroom should not be used for seminars, group meetings, classes, student organizations, etc.

Facilities such as this are expensive to maintain but also relatively rare, and so we welcome the appropriate use of the facility by those outside HEMI. However, the Boardroom is a HEMI resource, and therefore HEMI meetings will receive scheduling priority over outside users. Additionally, the HEMI Director’s office reserves the right to remove existing meetings set by those outside the institute if the space is required for HEMI use. If this occurs, the Director’s office will try to provide as much notice as possible, and, if possible, can try to assist in finding another location for your meeting. We reserve the right to refuse future reservations to individuals who do not comply with these policies.