Hergen Eilers – Lead, Research Area 3 / Focus Area 2

headshot of Hergen Eilers

Name: Hergen Eilers
Organization: Applied Sciences Laboratory/Institute for Shock Physics, Washington State University
Role in MSEE URA: Lead for Research Area 3/ Focus Area 2 – Chemistry in Extreme Environments / High Temperature Properties and Chemistry of Agents and Simulants

How you are planning to work (or already working) with other researchers within the URA?

Dr. Eilers’ work focuses on the experimental characterization of the reaction chemistry and kinetics of CWA simulants under fast heating rates to high temperatures. He will develop a new characterization system to capture simulant droplets in an optical trap and then rapidly heat them with a laser while a high-speed camera monitors this process. Simultaneously, chemical reactions will be monitored via time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. Dr. Eilers will work closely with Drs. Menon and Sinha to determine the experimental conditions and reaction products of highest interest. He will also work with Dr. Phillips to improve the high-speed vibrational diagnostics and Drs. Foster (CCRI) and Weihs to develop and implement a simultaneous imaging/spectroscopy technique. Dr. Eilers will work with Dr. Glumac to compare the results from individual droplets with those from shock tube and blast chamber experiments, and with those from Dr. Wong’s (RA2-FA2) DFT calculations. He will also work with Drs. Dreizin and Weihs and Dr. Zachariah (RA2-FA2) to study the effect of their reactive materials on the decomposition of the simulants.