Prof. Tim Weihs and Dr. Kerri-Lee Chintersingh featured on Hopkins on the Hill

Hopkins on the Hill is a biennial event that showcases the range and value of federally-funded research through presentations of the diverse research at Johns Hopkins University. Due to COVID-19, this year’s Hopkins on the Hill was presented remotely. Prof. Tim Weihs, Director of the MSEE URA and Dr. Kerri-lee Chintersingh, postdoctoral fellow, were highlighted and interviewed in the video. Prof. Weihs and Dr. Chintersingh represent just two of the researchers in the MSEE URA which is composed of 18 institutions across 9 states. MSEE research is focused on understanding, predicting, and controlling the behavior of materials in extreme conditions caused by weapons of mass destruction. The URA is expected to advance the types of materials that are capable of eliminating stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons while understanding and limiting the damage associated with nuclear blasts.