Professor Kandis Leslie Abdul-Aziz, Young Investigator Award Recipient

Organization: University of California, Riverside

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hobbies/Interest Outside of Work: Reading Science Fiction Novels, Playing Jazz on String Bass

Research Area/Focus Area (as it relates to the MSEE URA): In situ characterization of chemical warfare agents using oxide catalyst materials.

How does the MSEE URA and its collaborative nature benefit you?
The MSEE URA and its collaborative nature are highly beneficial as an Assistant Professor because I gain an extensive network to learn about new and emerging research in material science.

How will the MSEE URA will be improved through your involvement?
My group will add to the base of fundamental knowledge of oxide properties used in extreme conditions.

Describe your plans for collaboration within and external to the URA.
We plan to collaborate with theorists in the center to understand how oxide material properties influence the reaction pathways for chemical warfare agent degradation.