MSEE holds its inaugural Student Symposium at LLNL

On September 15-16, 2022, MSEE held its first Student Symposium at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).  The two-day event was attended by 23 MSEE graduate students and postdocs, and various LLNL Scientists.

Day 1 activities were held off-site and consisted of remarks from MSEE’s Technical Point of Contact, Dave Petersen, followed by technical presentations from our students.

Day 2 activities were held on LLNL’s open campus.  During the morning session, MSEE students and postdocs had the exciting opportunity to hear from LLNL’s Director, Dr. Kim Budil; Associate Director of the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate, Dr. Glenn Fox; and Associate Program Manager, Tom Arsenlis.  Following the morning session, the students held a poster session for the LLNL scientists.   After lunch, MSEE students were offered tours of the National Ignition Facility, High Explosives Applications Facility, Jupiter Laser Facility, and the High-Performance Computing Center.

Many thanks to our student organizers Austin Butler (UIUC), Brett Kuwik (JHU), and Sophie Parson (UCSD); and our LLNL organizing committee Harry Radousky, Jim Gaffney, and Stacey James!