July 11, 2023

3:00 pm

Join us for a seminar with Dr. Travis J. Voorhees and Dr. Christopher R. Johnson of Sandia National Laboratories.

The seminar will begin at 3:00 PM ET on July 11, 2023.

Please contact Sarah Preis for connection information.

Seminar Title (Voorhees): “Development of the tamped RMI method, and application to Mo dynamic yield strength”

Bio:Travis Voorhees is a R&D Mechanical Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. He received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, where he conducted coupled experimental and computational studies on the shock compression behavior of heterogeneous media (e.g., composites, granular, and porous materials). Parallel to these studies, Travis worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the X-Theoretical Design group computationally designing, executing, and analyzing pulsed power driven experiments diagnosed with proton radiography. Travis’s current research efforts at Sandia National Labs use gas/powder guns, pulsed power machines, and explosives to shock compress a wide variety of metals, ceramics, composites, and granular media, diagnosing their response with both particle accelerator-based radiography and laser-based interferometry methods to measure the material’s dynamic strength and equation of state.

Seminar Title (Johnson): “Investigating Process-Structure-Property Relations of Shock Loaded Wrought and Additively Manufactured 304L-Stainless Steel”

Bio: Chris Johnson is a research scientist at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University, where he conducted experimental and computational studies investigating shock compression of granular systems and additively manufactured materials. During his time at Marquette, he also worked for Sandia National Laboratories in the Solid Dynamics Experiments group to develop diagnostics for studying shearing behavior in granular materials. His current roles at SNL include management of Sandia’s Shock Thermodynamics Applied Research (STAR) facility and performing experimental campaigns to study materials under extreme conditions. Current research interests include equation of state and material strength measurements, diagnostic development, and novel experimental techniques.