November 1, 2022

9:00 am / 5:00 pm

Short Course: Materials Science in Extreme Environments (MSEE) Optical Spectroscopy Workshop

Workshop description: Optical spectroscopy provides powerful diagnostic methods to detect, identify, and quantify atoms, molecules, and condensed materials under a wide range of physical and chemical conditions. This 2-day workshop will provide a detailed look at various experimental methods for optical measurements of materials in extreme environments including laser-produced plasmas, high-explosive detonations, shock tubes, flames/combustion, and turbulent chemical plumes. Challenges, tradeoffs, and solutions for various optical spectroscopy measurements will be discussed. Techniques and tools for interpretation and analysis of spectra will also be covered, including spectral modeling and fitting algorithms. Hands-on activities are planned to introduce experimental spectroscopy instrumentation, and how to model reference spectra using information from online databases.

Workshop Dates: November 01-02, 2022
Location: Wyant College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Target Audience: MSEE graduate students, postdocs, and researchers interested in learning more about optical spectroscopy and how it can be applied to MSEE research. Information will primarily cover introductory topics for attendees with minimal background in spectroscopy, but some advanced topics of interest to experienced researchers will be covered as well. If interested attendees are not currently funded under MSEE, please contact us for more information.


Michael DeMagistris CRAFT Tech
Hergen Eilers Washington State University
Nick Glumac University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Sivanandan Harilal Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
R. Jason Jones University of Arizona
Mark Phillips University of Arizona
Morgan Ruesch CRAFT Tech

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, November 01            Experimental methods, group dinner
Wednesday, November 02     Spectral modeling and fitting
Thursday, November 03         Optional activities, lab tours, side meetings

Logistics: There is no registration fee for attending the workshop, but attendees are expected to fund travel expenses from existing MSEE projects. Meals and refreshments will be provided during the workshop.

Detailed information about this workshop including the agenda, hotels and visitor information cab be found using this link. MSEE Optical Spectroscopy Workshop Information and Agenda

If interested in attending, please click here to register or contact Veronica Turner at [email protected] by October 24, 2022.